Sunday, 24 May 2009

Lloyd & Marques Houston (MH) Concert

MH, Zahra (Music Editor), Lloyd and Moi (Editor in Chief)

MH and Moi

So Thursday evening we took a trip down the motorway to see Lloyd and MH in concert at Indigo @ the O2 arena in London.

I have never been an avid fan of these 2 artists but have got MH's old album and thought hey why not lol.

So, courtesy of a hook up from my mate Tyson of The Leon Group, we went backstage to meet the guys and take some pics. On Wednesday we got an interview with MH which you can read in the forthcoming edition of Tru life Magazine.

Usually most US artists I have met have been a bit arrogant in the past but these 2 guys were absolutely nice and lovely.

So sweet, polite and courteous and I even got a little hand squeeze from MH :-)

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