Wednesday, 27 May 2009

TOP 100 I need your help!!!

I need to put together the TOP 100 rising entrepreneurs/individuals from BIRMINGHAM for a special bumper INDUSTRY edition of Tru Life Magazine. I need your help in finding them. Please add names of individuals or business you believe fit the top 100 on the status on my page or email the details to

...they could be Promoters//DJs//Models//Artists//Fashion Designers//Bloggers//Media folk//work in the community//ENTREPRENEURS//Sportspeople//creatives...

The only criteria is that they need to be 18-30, reside in Birmingham for at east the past 12 months, they can be Male or Female. Nominations close in 7 days.

YOU CAN NOMINATE yourself...

The individuals MUST be TALENTED in their chosen field. At the moment it seems everyone is struggling to name 100 people...If this was London we would not struggle....THERE IS over 100 people who could go on this list there must be LOL!!!

You can get some ideas as to who is already on the list...

Is there someone who you admire who you think is going places?

Then let us know!!!

I will let you all in on the NEW structure of Tru Life on Friday x

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